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Unlike gas hobs, induction cooktops only heat the pan itself rather than the surrounding area. This means that they’re safer and more energy efficient than their gas counterparts.

Induction hobs have a number of functions that make it easy to cook with them. This article will look at how to use 3 of them: Melting, Warming and Boiling.

Grilling hob

Induction hobs use copper coils underneath the cooking zone to generate a magnetic field when pans are placed on top. This enables the pan itself to heat up instead of the hob surface itself, which means energy is only used for cooking. This makes induction hobs incredibly efficient and clean.

The only downside is that induction cooktops do not provide visual cues that the burner is on like a physical flame or red coils, so it can take some time for people to get used to. Additionally, induction hobs may hum during use which some people find annoying.

Induction hobs also only work with pans that are suitable for induction. Typically, they must have a flat base and be made from iron or stainless steel that can pass an electrical current through them. Stainless steel and cast iron pots and pans are compatible with induction hobs, but other materials such as copper or ceramic will not work. If you have a pacemaker or implanted insulin pump you should consult your doctor before using an induction hob.

Warming hob

Induction hobs use the same technology as a conventional gas hob, however they heat only the pan not the surface. This means a pan of water boils twice as fast. This type of hob is also very energy efficient. It uses 85-90% of the energy to heat your pan compared to 65-70% for gas and electric hobs.

Modern induction hobs can be integrated with a smart home system for additional cooking control and automation. Many of these feature Wi-Fi connectivity and allow you to control your hob and extractor bep dien tu munchen from a smart device. Others include built in guided recipes and remote diagnostics for an easier service experience.

AGA induction hobs have a range of specialist low temperature settings, ideal for defrosting and slow cooking. These can be activated with the press of a button and automatically maintain a low temperature for up to two hours. This helps keep food warm before serving and is perfect for keeping food simmerling and stewing over a longer period of time.

Melting hob

Induction hobs have a glass-ceramic surface that heats up as the pan is placed on it using electric currents guided by magnetic induction. The only area of the hob that gets hot is where the pan comes into contact, keeping the rest of the surface cool and safer to touch, particularly if you have children in the house.

Induction cooking is also quicker and more energy efficient than gas. Its speed is due to the fact that there is no need for an element to heat up before transferring its heat to a pan, saving time and money in the kitchen.

Le Creuset cookware can be used on an induction hob but only the heavy-bottomed pans which have a built-in induction plate within their base. You can test whether your pan is induction compatible by rubbing it against a magnet. If a magnet sticks then your pan is induction compatible. For further peace of mind all AGA induction hobs comply with European standards on electromagnetic interference and are safe for those with implanted pacemakers, however it is recommended you check with your doctor if you have one.

Boiling hob

A boiling hob uses induction coils to create heat for a pan or metal object that is sitting on it. They are more energy efficient than traditional electric and gas hobs and use less electricity as the entire surface stays cool until a pan is placed on it.

Traditionally, the determination of boiling is determined by a zone temperature sensor that measures a mix of glass/pot temperature, vibrations and induction magnetic field. This sensor information alone is not suitable to give a precise indication of boiling.

A boiling hob can only be used with induction friendly cookware which has a flat base. The Le Creuset range of products is suitable for induction hobs, although care must be taken with certain types of metal as they can be damaged by induction heating. If in doubt, contact the manufacturer for advice. You can also find a range of induction friendly pans here at AGA Cookshop.