What’s the deal: can dealers help you when playing live casino games?

For those who are new to casino gaming, the rules of each individual pursuit can be hard to remember at first.

Even games such as roulette, which on the face of it are as simple as it gets, come with unique rules and names when betting on ‘streets’, ‘corners’ and ‘baskets’.

You might assume that a dealer or croupier – as an employee of a casino – wants you to lose. It’s good for business, after all, and this might avail itself in a pay rise or a bonus further down the line.

However, nothing could be further from the truth. Indeed, at the best NJ online casino sites, dealers are only too happy to help you in your play – just don’t ask them what your next move should be!

You can usually engage directly with the dealer online by using the chat box function – many casino games have this, and the dealer is alerted when a new message has been sent to them.

Can a dealer help me at roulette?

When it comes to playing roulette, all of the betting decisions you make are yours and yours alone. The dealer – or wheel-spinner as they should perhaps be known – cannot guide you on which numbers, colors or combinations to wager on.

What they can do is explain each of the betting options to you, revealing which combos on the numbers board you can bet on, where to place your chips, and so on. They can also talk you through the odds of each roulette bet – what they are and what they mean. For complete newcomers, they can detail what your return might be from a wager.

So, a dealer can help you at the wheel, and while they can’t advise you on roulette strategy, they can provide factual information about the game that may help you to make your betting decisions.

Can a dealer help me at blackjack?

What’s interesting about blackjack is that you are, to all intents and purposes, playing against the dealer.

However, once again, they are able to provide basic information about each variant of the card game. So, when you have been dealt your two cards, you can ask them what your options are – can you double down? Can you split? And so forth.

Clearly, they aren’t going to provide any tactical assistance about what the right play is, but a dealer is allowed to simply explain the rules of blackjack to you and provide the foundation upon which you will decide your next move.

Can a dealer help me at poker?

The rules of engagement are slightly different when it comes to playing poker.

Here, a dealer can have no input into the game whatsoever – they cannot be seen to be showing favoritism to any of the players at the table.

You will be stone-walled if you ask them the rules or what your next options are, and so you shouldn’t really engage with the dealer in a poker game – just let them crack on with their job.